The attention span of your guests and customers is very short, you need to grab their interest in the first seconds. Stand out with beautiful shots and use those on your website, social channels and all kinds of print media.

We mainly shoot/edit clean and calm pictures and will suit the pictures to your brand identity within that style.

Take a look at our portfolio for a small selection of our disciplines and reach out to get your own shots!


Every assignment varies in preparation, difficulty and time needed. One stunning shot of a sunset from high up in the mountains can take more than a whole day, sometimes even excluding the post production work. Where as pictures of a restaurant and dishes for their social media can be shot in a few hours.

Therefore, we normally charge per hour instead of per photo. Because this causes some uncertainty regarding the quantity, we do offer low budget packages for businesses as restaurants and coffee bars when we manage to do multiple shoots in the area on the same day.

Get the shots you need with our hourly rate of €90 for shooting & editing, including the rent of our gear (such as cameras and lenses).

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Good to know
prices shown are exclusive of VAT, models, travel*/parking costs and rent/purchase of possibly needed props/extra gear and including the rent of our own gear
we shoot with natural/present light
copyright stays with the photographer
please share your goals and expectation beforehand to determine the needed gear/preparation and to maximise results

*depending on where we are located at that time