We’re Ruden and Kirsten, a Dutch photography couple with a heart for creativity and experiencing different places around the world. A few years back we ask ourselves what the ideal work/life would look like: traveling the globe and creating beautiful content to share with others. So we took action and founded HTSPT and studionism. Like what you see? Hire us and we’ll create things you’ll love.

‘Studionism’ is a contraction of studio and onism, which itself is also a portmanteau of monism & onanism and means:

The awareness of how little of the world you’ll experience.

Although we know we can’t see and experience it all, we pursue making the most valuable memories by doing the things we’re passionate about. That’s why we started doing photography; it gives us the opportunity to travel and gives others great value to their local business. We capture shots that deliver an impression of a place to long for.

Our Instagram and blog
Beside photography, we’re also active on our platform HTSPT.co, one of the biggest platforms for hotspots in The Netherlands where we share the best gems for the likeminded. Together we offer multiple sorts of collaborations for hotspots (like restaurants & hotels), travel organisations and city (or county) marketeers.

Please check our services and keep in mind that we’re also open to barter deals.

Let’s create! Send us a request or question via hi@studionism.com